Our New Column: Dispatches From the Frontlines

Since the day we started The Professor is In, we have been dedicated to telling you the truth. We want you to understand the unwritten rules of the academy, and we do our best to prepare you for and support you in what is most definitely an increasingly challenging academic environment.

To continue and grow that mission in 2020, we are starting a new column called “Dispatches from the Frontlines.” 

This time around we are taking up questions from readers that we think will benefit from the experiences and insights of a broad range of scholars. In other words, we are asking for you to share your viewpoints and advice, and we’ll collect it and make it available to the community.

Here is how it will work. Each Monday, we will crowdsource a question we get from a reader on Facebook and Twitter with a link to a google form. If you have any experience, insight or advice from your own career that you would like to share, fill out the google form. 

Like everything we do, the process is entirely confidential. The only information we want from you is: Status/Position (ie, grad student, assistant professor, tenured, post-ac, etc.). Area (Social Sciences, Stem, Humanities, Professional, Arts/Music/Theater) and if relevant, type of institution (R1, R2, Regional, SLAC, CC)–this info gives essential context for any advice. We hope you will also include your age, race, gender, sexual orientation, marital status and any other identifiers you think influence your experience, but these are optional.

On the following Monday, we will publish the Dispatches from the Front column combining your advice and insights along with our own never-in-short-supply opinions.

Find us with the hashtag: #AcademicDispatches

The First Question is: How have you managed a difficult Dean or chair, especially around issues of hiring or tenure? Subquestion: What if you started your job under one Dean/chair, and then got a new one, and the new one is problematic?

You can find the google form HERE.