The Academy Is a Cult: Podcast Episode One Has Launched

Kel and I are delighted to announce the launch of our Professor Is In podcast! The first episode dropped today, and it is called: The Academy Is Cult.

Kel and I discuss the 7 ways that the academy resembles a cult in its policing of insider/outsider status boundaries and shaming of those who do not conform, whether it be through pedigree, background, identity, topic of study, or levels of obsessive productivity. The PhD training apparatus is our indoctrination mechanism, and the outcome is Imposter Syndrome and a culture of shame and fear.

Find the episode link here, give it a listen on the Himalaya app if you can (it’s the best platform!), and share with your circles!

And, please consider becoming a Himalaya Plus Premium member for $7.99 a month. The podcast will always be free, but Premium membership brings a host of excellent perks that Kel and I have put a lot of thought into, to be as useful to you as possible. We also have a promo code for the first month free: TPII. Sign up by Jan 10 for Early Bird perks (see below)

In particular we’ll be offering live and real-time interactions on the Himalaya Community page; this will replace a lot of Facebook engagement as we attempt to slowly migrate the business away from that platform.

Early Bird Members (ie who sign up by Jan 10) get the following:

*Introductory price of $7.99
*Your name entered in drawing for a document review of your choice with Karen. (First 50 subscribers)
*Your name entered in a drawing for a one-to-one coaching session with Kel. (First 50 subscribers)
*Karen’s 7 day CV Rehab [7 days of advice on building a competitive CV for the career you want].
*Kel’s 7 day Productivity Kickstart [7 days of support on overcoming roadblocks to writing].
*A special Karen video post: “YOU can shape your experience of academia.”

After Jan 10, our Professor Is In Premium community will always give you:

*A monthly live AMA academic career coaching session with Karen
*A monthly live AMA academic productivity coaching session with Kel.
*A monthly Member’s Only podcast with special guests: experts on the the post-ac transition, publishing, tenure, scholar-activism, and more.
*Access to ALL of our Facebook Live recordings from the last three years!**
*Access to all of Kel’s past productivity webinar recordings.**
*An interactive community page for follow up comments and questions.

Really hope you like the podcast and can’t wait to see you over on Himalaya! Send us your suggestions, comments, questions!

**Webinar recordings added on a daily basis until complete